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Excellent. Brilliant. Very solid, clean workmanship. The inventor and seller of this product is a very friendly, wonderful person with first-class knowledge.
We recommend.

Thomas Stölzel

The swing thing is an absolutely ingenious invention! Easy to apply, effective and also universally applicable. Can still be used perfectly as a rocking chair replacement even after the breastfeeding and toddler phase. Recommendation 🙂

Florian Wicht

Contact: very friendly, promptly reacting, accommodating; Goods: high quality, stable, cleanly processed; Conclusion: unreserved recommendation! Thanks for the brilliant invention!

Irakli Danelia

We bought the runners to convert an Ikea wing chair into a “nursing chair” for our children. The runners are well processed, the principle is great and the conversion worked without any problems … In addition, the contact with the manufacturer was super nice! Clear recommendation!

V. rod

So now the time has come: Now it’s a rocking chair 🙂 Very comfortable! That’s exactly how I imagined it to be! It is very nice that I found “Das geniale Schaukelding” in the large, colorful network! I think the runners match the chair 100% 🙂 Highly recommended! The owner gave great tips!

Karsten Kiethe

Made the cot rockable with it. It’s great, the feet of the bed fit into the grooves in the runners. The bed stands on the runners without any further fastening. The runners are also totally stiff, I can easily stand on them. Have a leash on the cot and can swing from our bed with it. A real sleep machine! With our wooden floor, the bed doesn’t move, nor does it rattle or squeak.

Rainer W.

I am completely satisfied with the runners. We already gave up hope that our dwarf (1 year) just doesn’t want to sleep in his bed. Thanks to the runners, it looks different now. The only thing that bothers me … The wooden blocks to ‘fasten’, they always go out of the ‘train’. Then we screwed the runners to the bed. Rocks ‘1A’!

PS: we have an IKEA bed. Really usable for anything!


We had our grandson (7 months) to visit, who fights against himself and the world when he is tired and should sleep. We put the runners under the playpen and lo and behold, the swings made it much easier for the little man to fall asleep. We also put a chair on the runners on a trial basis. Also cool, but of course the runners take up a lot of space. But I think it’s great for converting the cot into a cradle.

Katja Siegert

Of course, we always look forward to reviews and feedback from satisfied customers. If you have already bought rocking runners from us, we would of course be happy if you rate your purchase and your experience with us!

Kind swing greetings

Your Schaukelding team

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