Rocking thing model B (track width: 8.5cm)


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“The swing concept” – cry baby “byebye”


As early as the 5th month of pregnancy, you can specifically prevent baby cribs by swinging 3 times a day.

  1. Morning = 5 minutes
  2. Noon = 5 minutes
  3. In the evening = 7 minutes

After a few weeks, the baby sleeps at night, and of course the mother too, as the regular rocking brings it into a pleasant rhythm. The effect: After the birth, the baby continues to sleep gently and happily, as it has been rocked in the past weeks / months. This is how man and woman rock the baby to sleep nowadays.


Highest quality, for your safety!


Our swing thing is made from local beech wood. The manufacturing process is very complex. The multi-layered pressing of the individual beech veneers makes it very stable. The excellent quality of our rocking runners is guaranteed. They are glued and pressed together with numerous veneers and the glued wood binder process and then get formed and sanded in a hydraulic press into your rocking thing. Only then is the rocking thing released by quality assurance and prepared for dispatch.


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Empfohlenes maximales Körpergewicht

1000 kg




2x Schaukelkufen, 2x Zurrbänder (min. 2m lang), 4x Holzschrauben (4x20mm), 2x Metallschlaufen (25mm), 4x Holzprisma (50x50x50mm)


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