versatile rocking runners

Crying baby?
That is the solution

With Köglis Allround Swing, the "rocking thing", you can swing almost anything. The cot becomes a rocking cradle, the garden chair becomes a rocking chair. Crying babies calm down quickly when rocked.

Known from:

The swing thing replaces an expensive cradle

Our swing thing is over domestic beech wood produced. The manufacturing process is mechanically very complex. By laying the individual layers on top of each other Beech wood veneers it becomes very stable (up to 250 kg). The excellent quality our rocking runners is guaranteed.

They are glued and pressed together with numerous veneers and the glued wood binder process and then in a hydraulic press for your rocking thing shaped and sanded. Only then is the rocking thing released by quality assurance and prepared for dispatch.

Environmentally friendly

Our rocking runners are made from regional natural woods.

Space saving

The swing thing is easy to stow away and can even be taken with you when traveling.


Baby cradles are often very expensive and lose their purpose as the child gets older - our runners are not.

TÜV tested

Of course, our products are all TÜV tested. For maximum quality and safety.


more silence
by the
Rocking thing


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The swing thing principle

With the Köglis® Allround Swing almost every piece of furniture can be turned into a rocking cradle. A better alternative than expensive baby cradles, especially for crying babies.

Possible uses:
We rock almost everything!

Garden chairs

Rattan armchair

Baby cot

Baby cribs

Sofa / couch

High chair




Care bed


We make every
cot a cradle

cry babies are a burden for the whole family. With the swing thing you can easily swing your baby’s bed. This calms the baby down and gives him a feeling of security. Our swing thing lets almost everything swing.
Just try it out and start swinging.

More silence.
More serenity.

Your baby won’t stop crying? Try the rocking thing. Many parents use our rocking runners and are relieved to report that the baby is finally sleeping peacefully – and with it the parents too. More peace and serenity for you and your child.

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